paying dues.
Episode 013: Sam Seder

The Majority Report host joins us to talk mostly about all of his failed network pilots, and it’s more than enough to fill up an entire hour.

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Episode 012: Rob Crow

Pinback’s Rob Crow talks fast food, homelessness, and how punk rock changed his life.

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Episode 011: Julia Wertz

It’s been a while, friends — some might say too long, though who are we to put words in your mouth? Paying Dues is back from hiatus to bring you an interview with our pal, cartoonist Julia Wertz, who joins us to talk tending bar, vacuuming and not vacuuming for a Buddhist, and getting sprayed in the face with hobo blood.

Episode 010: Jen Kirkman

The very funny Jen Kirkman joins us for a very serious episode. We discuss workplace banter, giving up on the dream, and the job that was like The Devil Wears Prada, without the redemption.

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Episode 009: Al Jaffee

The genius cartoonist behind Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions and the Mad fold-in joins us to discuss the early days of Marvel Comics, working for the military, and his true feelings about Lady Gaga.

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Episode 008: Bob Nastanovich

The great Bob Nastonovich of Pavement/Silver Jews fame joins us to discuss bus driving in Manhattan, washing dishes, and why Off Track Betting parlors are the creepiest place on earth.

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Episode 007:Luke Burbank

TBTL host Luke Burbank joins us to discuss a failed plumbing career, the mystery of frozen yogurt, and how a severed thumb in a bowl of Wendy’s chili led to a fruitful career at National Public Radio.

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Bonus Episode: That Little Johnny Wurster Kid

Jon Wurster explains how he made his way into one of the Dead Milkmen’s greatest songs.

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Episode 006: Graham Clark and Dave Shumka

The Stop Podcasting Yourself hosts join us to discuss pooping on boats, working behind the scenes on softcore gay porn, poison gas factories, and going to the suburb to do donuts.

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Episode 005: Sean Nelson

Sean Nelson has had his fair share of jobs–and continues to do so. Actor, writer, singer, burger flipper, Nelson is best known first his work as the lead singer of 90s indie-poppers, Harvey Danger. Nelson joins us to talk McDonald’s, not going to law school, and fear and loathing in the record industry.

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